I am not saying to stay away from reading customer reviews…not at all. But, you can go to any website that has “water ionizer reviews” or “water ionizer machine reviews” or other such wording in the url and you will find the following, very distressing, fact.

Most water ionizer review websites are not authored by a known person.

Why would a water ionizer review website or water ionizer comparison website not divulge who they are? Libel claims! Anyone who posts information about other companies and their products is subject to libel if they post or report lies – except they are above the law with regard to libel if they have a private registration.

What’s the problem with privately registered water ionizer review websites for the consumer?

Privately registered websites are giving their readers false and misleading information. They are confusing consumers and making it nearly impossible to get the factual and helpful information that they are looking for. These website owners are protected by the law, from libel suits, and the only way to uncover a private website owner is to initiate a “John Doe Lawsuit”. The “John Doe” refers to the fact that it’s unknown what the identity of a website owner is until thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent to research and prove that there is a case against the owner of the website and it’s worthy of a public trial. If after all of that expense you find out that they are a Chinese company, or other foreign-owned website [very common], you have no way of enforcing whatever came out of your court decision. I was told by more than one lawyer that literally you could throw a hundred thousand dollars in the toilet with almost any of these “John Doe” cases.

So, back to the problem for consumers: These websites are all over the place! They are growing by leaps and bounds, because it is so nearly impossible to sue them or stop them in any way. And, they are filling up the webspace with noise and distraction.

Danger! You Can Actually be Harmed Reading Reviews from an Unregistered Website!

If the website owner cannot be held accountable for what they are saying, they can (and do) say anything. They can tell you lies about their own products (how much better their product is than all others…this type of thing) or lies about products that are really good products (trying to scare you away from buying the competitors products). Customers can be harmed by being tricked into buying poor products or tricked away from buying great products.

Beware: John Doe website owners will make every attempt to make themselves look authentic.

Unregistered Water Ionizer Review sites will of course not state that they even have products, because they are attempting to appear neutral and unbiased [and private]. On the “About Us” page they will tell you all about their “philanthropic” goals. If they tell you the name of their “reviewer” it is most assuredly a phony one. On the “Contact Us” page they will give you a little contact form to fill out. Then if you try to contact them they will ignore your every attempt if it doesn’t suit their agenda to answer you. Their “information” is wrought with false, misleading statements about all of their strongest competition. I’ve seen it done to many companies and I’ve had it done to me (see example, below).

Water Ionizer Reviewers Should be Responsible for What They Say

I do water ionizer reviews and comparisons all the time, and I can tell you that I am held responsible, 100%, for what I say about all of the water ionizers I report on. The reason why is that I make no attempt whatsoever to hide my identity. If a company feels I have misrepresented them in some way they write to me. I tell them where to write to me, call me or email me right on my website. I have gotten letters here and there from companies who have felt I didn’t represent their water ionizer properly. Usually this happens because I have been writing articles for so many years the facts may change and the article may need to be updated. In all such cases I then re-visit the offending article and update it. Very simple and very honest.

My Own Personal Experience with Being Harmed by an Unregistered Website Owner:

An example of this corruption happening to me is the website waterionizermachinereviews.com, which I have had a recent run-in with. The owner carefully conceals who he is, although it’s pretty apparent that he is Chinese. He posts his “reviews” as a pseudonym “Evelyn Marks” and then picks various websites to damage the reputation of with his reviews. I would love to flush this guy out in the open, but there is no way, short of several thousand dollars of research and legal expense [lawyer fees, court hearings, etc.] all against “John Doe”. After all of the trial proceedings against John Doe it is found that John Doe is guilty, then a subpoena can be gotten to uncover the identity of the unregistered website owner.

If, after all that time and money spent, you find out that your first suspicion [that they are a Chinese owned website] is correct, then you are left with no recourse anyway. What a sorry state of affairs.

I do encourage you to look at authentic customer reviews on unbiased websites, though. Because water ionizers are worthy of your attention!

After about 20 years of drinking alkaline ionized water, I can say with conviction that the very best thing I could give to myself or a loved one is a WATER IONIZER! Give yourself and your family the gift of health this year! See my testimonial.

Wishing You Water Wellness!
Cathleen LoGrasso

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