There is a new filter in town!

It’s called the UltraWater Filter!

UltraWater Filter

The new UltraWater filter is designed using space technology. What that means is that right now, as we speak, NASA is developing better than RO [reverse osmosis] water filter technology [developed to recycle urine and sweat], which of course needs to be filtered well enough, to become a means of having a sustainable water supply for astronauts. The AlkaViva design engineers have tapped into this technology already [with their Vesta filters], but now the next generation of filtration developed by AlkaViva is so good they are calling it UltraWater! They are incorporating all of what they already know about filtering US water [which is a lot] with this new space technology to filter out just about every known chemical and toxin in water…with one filter! Click here to open up a new window with a pdf document of the actual lab’s test results. Open the link, scroll down and just look at all of the chemicals and pharmaceuticals that are able to be completely removed with the new UltraWater filter! What the technicians did was load up the water with a brew of all kinds of toxins and pharmaceuticals added to the water. The water was far more toxic than any water you’d ever come across anywhere. Then they pumped this water through the ionizer which contained the ultrawater filter and 99.% of the toxins were removed to the point of “ND”, non-detectable, levels. You do need to watch this video to get all of the data!

Traditional water filter use loose, granulated water filter media beds to reduce certain contaminates from drinking water. This leaves tiny spaces between the media allowing small percentages of water to pass through untouched.

The UltraWater uses the highest quality medias available and then transforms them into solid forms to literally block contamination from passing through and ending in your glass. This creates a greater contact time with the water and removes much higher percentages of contamination than traditional loose media beds. The UltraWater Filter offers superior removal of chlorine, chloramines, disinfectant byproducts, VOC’s, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, nickel and iron. (Most to non-detectable levels in laboratory testing) In addition it greatly improves taste and odor giving you a great tasting and clean glass of water.

If I could do cartwheels, I would! I am so excited about this new filter!!!

Another thing about the UltraWater filter is that eventually it will utilize “green technology”. What that means is that the filter itself is in the process of being re-designed so as to be able to unscrew and be used over and over! Only the inner cartridge will need changing. The unscrew-able/refillable filters and replacement cartridges are not available yet, but I will keep you posted. Using refillable filters will help create a greener Earth, by adding less plastic waste to the piles of plastics being dumped all over the planet today.

What it means for St. Louis water is that ONE filter will do the JOB of TEN!

It will take some adjustment for me to absorb the data, but I won’t need to keep on buying extra pre-filters to get out all of my chloramine, fluoride and pharmaceuticals! What great news, and I can’t wait! What it means for others, everywhere, is that those who can’t afford to get all kinds of pre-filters [or who don't have the room for them] will be able to get the quality of filtration which is deserving of a water ionizer with just one filter!

Oh, by the way…all new Jupiter and Samsung water ionizers are being automatically shipped with an extra UltraWater filter so you can try it [free]!

All new Samsung and Jupiter water ionizers will be shipped with an extra [free] UltraWater Filter to try. UltraWater is the newest technology in water filtration. Also, if you like, we’ll also send you a free UltraWater Arsenic/Fluoride shield [which is the latest and greatest filter for the Vesta #1 filter slot.

For all customers who use the Athena or Vesta water ionizers, the UltraWater Fluoride-Arsenic Filter is the best choice for the #1 slot and for all Jupiter and Samsung water ionizers the regular UltraWater filter is the best choice of all the other great filter choices.

Warning: There is one problem with the UltraWater Fluoride-Arsenic Filter. It must be flushed properly in the #2 filter slot before using it or it will cause you to have a period of cloudy water to put up with. The way to flush it is to put it into the #2 filter position and the other filter that is normally in the #2 slot should go into the #1 slot. The second step is to run the ionizer in the filtered water mode until the water runs clear. Step 3 is to switch the filters so they are now in their proper slots. Finally, reset the filter-counters to the zero-position for both slots and you're good to go!

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