VitaBath Dechlorination Tablets

I have been testing a new product called VitaBath and have discovered some very interesting things about it that I think everyone who takes baths should know.

  1. It will completely remove all chlorine, instantly!
  2. It will completely remove all chloramines too!
  3. It will reduce the oxidation levels of the water [i.e., the water becomes more "anti-oxidant" than before adding the tablet]
  4. Most importantly, it will lower the pH of the bathwater to turn it into beauty-water!

Here’s my first VitaBath testing video:

I plan to test it again, using two tablets in the bathtub, instead of one, but I am really impressed so far. The bathwater felt more luxurious and after the bath my skin feels soother and less dry …just after one bath!

Why do we need a slightly acidic [5-6] pH for our skin and hair?

There are two very good and IMPORTANT reasons that we all need about a 5 pH to 6 pH water for cleaning our skin and hair.

1. Beauty. Our skin and hair will have tighter pores and cuticles which will keep them strong, smooth, clear and the hair shiny. Read More…

2. Health. Our skin, in particular, is actually an organ and is an important part of our immune system. If the pores are tight, then they won’t let in microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, fungus, algae, mites, or allergens. You will experience greater health with TIGHT skin pores.

VitaBath is 100% organic too! We feel it’s just a great product!

Note for Water Ionizer Owners: To improve the results of the VitaBath experience I am predicting that if you collect the acid water from the bottom hose as you are pouring ionized water out of the top spout that your bath will even be more luxurious!

After about 20 years of drinking alkaline ionized water, I can say with conviction that the very best thing I could give to myself or a loved one is a WATER IONIZER! Give yourself and your family the gift of health this year! See my testimonial.

Wishing You Water Wellness!
Cathleen LoGrasso

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